Our technicians are often able to see to your equipment 'in house', or arrange servicing with the required company if necessary. 
Servicing may take a minimum of two weeks if sent away, so please don't leave it until the week before your holiday to get things seen to. Pick up dates vary - call the shop to double check - but are often on a Friday so please bear this in mind if, for example, you can only get to us at weekends. 
Please note the prices below do not include parts! Any parts required will be added to the standard service charge. 
Cylinders brought in for test/inspection/o2 clean etc are returned to us empty - so remember to add on the price of a fill if you need to use your cylinder straight away. Prices for fills can be found here
1st and primary 2nd Stage service (does NOT inc. parts) 
Octopus service (does NOT inc. parts) 
Hydrostatic Tests to BS EN 1902 or BS EN 1968 
Hydrostatic Test + Valve service inc. parts 
Hydrostatic Test + Valve service inc. parts + sticker (Breathing Air wrap) 
Hydrostatic Test + Oxygen Clean plus parts 
Visual Inspections 
Visual Inspection + Valve service inc. parts 
Visual Inspection + Valve service inc. parts + sticker (Breathing Air wrap) 
Visual Inspection + Oxygen Clean inc. parts 
Cylinder Maintenance 
Valve Service (base price - parts extra) 
Twinset Manifold Service (extra charge for Air use only) 
Eddy Current Inspection (failure of this test will be charged at the full rate) 
Internal Shot Blast 
External Shot Blast 
Zinc Spray – hot spray 
Paint – one colour 
Breathing Air Wrap Label (full size individual label) 
Breathing Air Wrap Label (small for mini cylinders) 
Failure (not always charged) 
Twinset – dismantle and assembling (not always charged) 
Oxygen Cleaning 
Regulator 1st stage and primary 2nd stage 
Cylinder only (only available if certain criteria are met) inc. stickers 
Cylinder and Valve (only available if certain criteria are met) inc. stickers 
Valve only (only available if certain criteria are met) 
Oxygen Therapy Units 
Including Marinox units 
Kirby Morgan & Interspiro Divator/Aga units 
Surface Breathing Apparatus/escape sets 
Draeger Rebreathers 
Ocean Reef Neptune full face masks 
Cost of servicing these depends on variable factors such as: age of unit, service history, make and model etc... 
Watch and Computer Battery Changes 
The Old Harbour Dive Centre is Suunto approved to change batteries on their full range of computer and advanced computer watches. Please note the general difference between a basic battery change (no function test) and a computer service. If you want your computer battery change to include a function test, a COMPUTER SERVICE, not battery change MUST be asked for.  
Watch Battery change + Pressure test (price varies depending on make: base price) 
Citizen: approx 
Computers (Battery change only) 
Sherwood source/Oceanic 
Sea & Sea Profile/Nemo 
Suunto computers changed in-house (Gecko, Zoop, Vyper, Vytec, Cobra, Hel02) 
Suunto computers sent to Suunto (D4, D6, D9, DX) 
Old Companion/Monitor 
Aladin – old Pro Mk 1 model & Sport Mk 1 
Aladin One, Prime, Tec, Tec 2G, Gallileo, Smart or Gallileo transmitters 
Computer Servicing (Battery change, seal replacements, waterproof test, functions and calibration check) 
Sherwood source/Oceanic 
Sea & Sea Profile/Nemo 
Suunto Alpha/Solution/Companion/Favor/Lux or Air/Octo/Eon and Transmitters 
Suunto Vyper/Vytec/Gekko/Zoop/Cobra/Mosquito/D3 
Suunto SME/Stinger/Spyder 
Suunto D4, D9 & D6/X tender 
Old Companion/Monitor 
Aladin Pro, Sport, Ultra models (please allow 2-3weeks for this) 
Aladin Air, Air L, Air Z, Air integrated, Smart Pro/Tec/Com/Z models 
Note: some Aladin models including the Air X range can no longer be serviced, however very favourable part exchange/upgrades are available. 
Suit Repairs (prices are approximate and may vary upon manufacturers) 
Wrist Seals 
Single Latex  
Single Heavy Duty Latex 
Single Neoprene/Glideskin 
Neck Seals  
Heavy Duty Latex 
Standard Back 
Heavy Duty Back 
Convenience Zip 
Wet Suit – approx. price – varies with length 
Welly Type 
Latex Sailing Socks 
Knee Pads 
Pressure Test 
Apeks Automatic Exhaust Valve (£52.00 + fitting) 
Apeks Swivel Inflator with Mount (£35.00 + fitting) 
Apeks Cuff Mounted Exhaust Valve (£23.00 + fitting) 
Valves service – per suit, plus parts 
The normal turnaround time for suit repairs is 3WEEKS minimum.  
This may increase at peak times of the year.  
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